Charity Donations To Azad India Foundation

Azad India Foundation is a well-recognized organization and has various Charity Donations related permissions in India. For NGO Charities in India, we are the right people to let your money work in the remotest villages and for the poorest people. Once you make a charity donation you are entitled to Income tax rebate under 80G - 1324/2002-2003 under the Indian Income Tax Act 12(A)/2002-2003. For Foreign Donors we have FCRA-030910003(a must for all Charities in India). So loosen your purse strings and donate and also avail of the Tax Deductible Donation facilities regarding Indian charities, listed above.

You can also donate in the memory of your loved ones by helping us build part of our school. Plaques in the memory of your loved ones will be placed in front of the portion of the building you help build.

You can give donations for various things like:
Charity Donation for Administrative Block
Charity Donation for School Classrooms
Charity Donation for School Library
Charity Donation for Biology Lab
Charity Donation for Computer Lab
Charity Donation for Chemistry Lab
Sponsor a Child

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1. Sponsor a child in Azad Public School, Kishanganj

Annual Admission Fee ForIndian Rupees
U.S. Dollar
Day scholar Rs.9400.00 120.00 100.00 165.00
Note: The above mentioned would include the school fees including Annual Fee,Tuition Fees and Computer Fee (+ bank charges)for one acedamic year.I would also like you to know that sponsor can choose to support a boy or a girl. A six monthly report with the photograph of the child will be sent to the sponsor.