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A Magical lamp we boast

How many of you had dreamt to have an Aladdin's magic lamp, the magic pencil or at least having a Doraemon in real life? Imagine getting all those things we desired are in front of us within a blink. Well, we all have a magical processor with us which can make us a star, get us a job, in fact, it can do all those things which our closed one fails to do. It can make us laugh, cry, think, and we can share our emotions. It can even help you to connect with people, purchase en number of things, create an identity between people and so on. 

Still, wondering? I am talking about one of the most creative and finest things, this century has gifted- Internet. Today this magical processor has become our lifeline. We all know about its positive factor and usefulness but here I am focusing on its dark effect. As I mentioned earlier, this is a processor that can make you a star but at the same time can also ruin your life within seconds. Not focusing more on cyber crimes but those crimes which were done by many of us.

Before getting into that do you remember a female whose talent was applauded and within days she became a social media star and then a celebrity singer? Yes, Ranu Mondal, who was found in a railway station with a beautiful voice seizing our heart. Earlier we praised her for melodious voice and today we slam her through funny memes. Now my point makes sense, isn't it? From stars to nowhere.

Rape and molestation are a criminal offense but for some, it's just a tool for seeking attention, fame, and to punish an innocent. Let's go back to 2015, where a guy was tagged as Delhi ka Darinda by social media. Sarvjeet Singh and Jasleen Kaur's case where he was accused of harassing and molesting her. He and his family were awfully defamed for years and then found innocent. There are many such Sarvjeet Singh within us whom we had smashed out with the power of our magical processor. Also, don't forget about the boy'slocker room which recently bubbled up on our social media pages.

The reason behind this post is simple, you hold power in the tips of your finger which a small magic lamp fails to give. Use it wisely. Instead of blaming other media houses start taking initiative. Speak out with full knowledge or else wait for its conclusion. Praising a person is good but destroying or defaming a person is not. 


Ms Saritha Pillai

Assistant Professor - Mumbai University,

Master’s in communication and Journalism

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