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Community Health Initiatives

Good health is a first step towards happy fulfilling life. In the villages, health is still relatively neglected issue due to various factors. The vast segments of the rural population do not have access to proper nutrition or medical and dental care.

They do not get even the rudimentary education in achieving and maintaining good health. The lack of health education and proper medical facilities has compounded this problem to epidemic proportions.

Women health is a crucial component of general health. There is a need to empower the community especially women to take responsibility for their health. The Foundation have made health care one of the prime functions through various interventions.

We educate people about general health practices and healthy eating habits with emphasis on children and expectant mothers. Our fieldworkers organize awareness programmes on various diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, polio etc in various villages. They also carry out community meetings about benefits of immunization, breast-feeding etc from time to time.

Our trained local natak mandli hold plays on health issues in all the haats and panchayats. The emphasis on hygiene is the key to eradicating a majority of the health problems. Our workers conduct awareness meetings on clean drinking water and clean surroundings. They also educate people in methods of disease prevention.

HIV/AIDS Awareness programmes

HIV/AIDS is one of the important components of our community health and adolescent reproductive and sexual health programme. We organize seminars and awareness programmes in various villages. One of our intervention strategies of spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS is through the medium of village natak shows to target wider audiences.The main goal is to inform and sensitize people about the dreaded disease.

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