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Nukkad Natak as a communication strategy

  Nukkad Nataks are an important part of Azad India Foundation's communication strategy. These nataks are performed in local dialect Surjapuri to give message to the wider range of audiences. The actors enact two-three stories depicting each issues all interlinked with each other accompanied with music.

   The lead actor then asks the audience their reaction or what should have been done in case of early marriage of a girl. These nataks have two-fold advantage as they provide entertainment and thus help in gathering people and putting across message about something like AIDS in a simple way.

   Feedback is usually taken during the community meetings and their response is maintained in the registers. Our natak mandli is invited at block level functions like on AIDS awareness day etc which again help in targeting wider population.

The main issues that are addressed are

  • AIDS awareness

  • Right age of the marriage and space between the two children

  • Equal treatment of girls and boys

  • Balanced diet for the girls

  • Hygiene and sanitation

Special Day Celebrations

  Azad India Foundation celebrates World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, International Women's Day and World Health Day by organizing special programmes and theme based discussions with the target population. The celebration of these days has made people aware of the importance of these days.

  It is also a medium through which we try to target maximum number of people. We invite guest speakers like doctors, BDOs and local leaders who have influence among the people to speak on issues related to girls' health and education. The records of the meetings are maintained in the registers.

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